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Why Use The GastroNoma
for your Italy vacation

Spring in Lake Como

At The GastroNomad®, we measure our success by the level of happiness and satisfaction we deliver to our clients.  We are intimately involved in every aspect of each tour to ensure it exceeds expectations.  Not only has Margie lived in Italy for a decade, but she has traveled extensively through Italy and developed insider’s knowledge of where to go and what to see, ensuring each tour is a truly unique experience.


We will endeavor to let you to see Italy through our eyes so you too can understand and develop a sense of appreciation for all that Italy has to offer. At the same time, we will tailor your personal trip based on our preferences.

Traveling through Italy is like going back in time, when interpersonal relationships, warmth and laughter were most important.  Adding in high quality authentic meals, fun excursions, and cultural appreciation ensures that you will leave very satisfied with your experience.     


We have selected wineries and restaurants that will offer a truly memorable experience. We prefer small producers with outstanding wines, and entertaining hospitable owners, ready to share their passion. It's easy to find Michelin star restaurants through search engines, but the hidden gems and latest top restaurants are what we seek out. Recently, the restaurant quality can vary year-on-year so we keep on top of things and check them out for ourselves before recommending to others.


Last but not least, one of our most valuable contributions is helping with logistics. This typically is the biggest complaint for anyone visiting Italy or a new region. Google maps is proving less reliable and venues can be difficult to find. We have had countless situations where the navigation was not accurate, or we have had tickets for driving down forbidden streets. Parking rules are very confusing and it's easy to error and end up with hefty fines. Hence, we have sourced local drivers to allow you to sit back, relax and not have to worry about that extra glass of wine during a tasting or the daunting prospect of driving and figuring out where you can park your rental car in Italy.  You can also take in the beautiful scenery if someone else is doing the driving. But if you do opt to rent a car, we will select venues that are easy to find and do our best to avoid the very narrow, dirt roads that are difficult to drive if you are not familiar with our roads.

Thank you for considering a GastroNomad® tour and placing your trust in us. 

Margie and Kevin

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