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Something Positive to Start off Another Week of Self-Isolation

.2016 was a year with superb conditions in many of Italy's wine regions. Barolo wines from that year, recently released, are proving to be exceptional and something you may want to start adding to your collection.

One of the journalists we follow for advice and updates in the Italian wine regions is Tom Hyland. Tom is a wine educator, and Italian wine specialist for many leading travel and wine publications. Here is his excellent review of the 2016 Barolo, including some quotes from producers and last but not least, his recommendations based on his tastings.

We are very hopeful that we can resume our private and small tours by October and November, the most popular time to visit Piedmont, during the Alba white truffle season. We also have tours for spring of 2021, where we can still sample the 2016 Barolo, including vertical tastings (same producer, same wine, different years) or horizontal tastings (2016 Barolo from various producers).

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