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Everything is coming up Rosés for Prosecco

We were very excited to hear the news that Italy has approved a new designation - Prosecco Rosé DOC. Coming soon, the qualifications for the rosé DOC should result in production of beautiful wines that will resemble the freshness, quality and flavor profile of Prosecco we enjoy today.

The decision was made to allow a small amount of Pinot Noir (known as Pinot Nero in Italy), during fermentation to achieve the desired color and flavor of the Rosé. Prosecco is produced using Glera grapes and the second fermentation takes place in a sealed tank, unlike the Champagne or traditional method where the second fermentation takes place in the bottle.

The region is near Treviso, just north of Venice. The terrain is stunning and a region well worth a visit as a side trip to Venice or combined with a wine tour in the Veneto region. Let us know if you would like us to plan your itinerary for an upcoming trip. We can suggest wineries, excursions, and arrange private drivers. Check out Fortune mag's article on the new designation:

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