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Margie Clancy

After traveling extensively around the world during a successful high tech career, Her heart was captured by beautiful Italy.  She made it her home over a decade ago and fell in love with all things Italian, especially the people, the gastronomy and culture.  Margie has traveled throughout most of the picturesque country and visited the regions we cover numerous times.  Additionally, multiple curious friends and family members visited her in Lake Como and accompanied her on trips to wine regions.   She had much joy taking them to all the places she adored, and they had great fun exploring new venues together, continually adding to her list of hidden gems. She has also planned itineraries for group trips to Italy, up to 15 people, since 2007.


Margie paired her food knowledge with an interest in wine education. She became certified in Wine Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Level Three Advanced (with Merit) and successfully passed the Northern Italian Wine Scholar Guild course, earning highest honors. She supplemented her knowledge of global wines by visiting various vineyards throughout the world for tastings and conversations with the producers.  Not only does Margie love sharing her experience and knowledge in wine, when asked she enjoys helping others discover and find wine and food pairings suitable to their taste, not just hers.  Margie, with the support and assistance of her husband, Kevin, decided to put her burning passion for Italy and experience to good use, and The GastroNomad® was born!

Kevin Clancy

Before starting The GastroNomad® with Margie, Kevin spent his career as a successful business litigation attorney in a law firm he co-founded in Boston.  He grew up in a small town just outside the city where he volunteered his time as a town government official for almost two decades. After meeting Margie, getting married and celebrating their wedding in Italy, Kevin also fell in love with the country and its culture.


Kevin has now spent considerable time visiting Italy and developed a passion for its food, wine and culture.  He quickly grew to appreciate the charm of the Italian people and their warm and welcoming nature.  As a history buff, Kevin is knowledgeable regarding the history of the regions that The GastroNomad visits and is always happy to share that knowledge. He is warm, affable and approachable, and, thankfully, has an excellent sense of direction which comes in quite handy when traveling through Italy!  He and Margie welcome the opportunity to plan your dream Italian holiday and unforgettable experience.

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