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daily itinerary

Day 1

We will pick you up at a meeting point in Montalcino and take you to the Casanova di Neri relais estate, or we can arrange a pickup at your arrival airport for extra charge.  If you arrive mid day, you will have the option to explore Montalcino or relax at the hotel. Montalcino is a beautiful hill top village with beautiful views, historical sites, enotecas and shops. Our first evening meal will introduce you to the authentic foods of Tuscany at a local restaurant with large open fireplace. Enjoy a glass or two of Brunello along with some bistecca alla Fiorentina with many sides and other dishes, including options for vegetarians and gluten-free clients.

Day 2

Late morning we will attend a cooking class at a beautiful winery in Orvieto. This will include a visit to the winery along with a tasting of their white and red wines with the food you have prepared in the cooking course. The lunch will be served in a 17th Century villa with a cozy wood burning fireplace.  After we return to the resort you have the option of relaxing for the evening, or we can take you into Orvieto and provide a number of options for dinner.

Day 3

Day 3 culminates with the Benvenuto Brunello festival, which will allow you to taste 2015 Brunello from over 120 producers. You will have the day to taste wines, walk around Montalcino and enjoy a lunch at a local restaurant. During the evening we will unwind  at a  local rustic restaurant with a fireplace. This is a charming and cozy spot where we can relax after a day of being on our feet tasting wines and share our wine tasting notes and discoveries.

Day 4

For the second part of the adventure, we will drive to Montalcino where you will be checking into a luxurious suite at Casanova di Neri estate. After settling in, you will have some time to walk around Montalcino before our elegant wine pairing at a local upscale restaurant with amazing views.

Day 5

You can rest and enjoy the amazing views at the estate before we head out at 11:00 to drive to a Michelin star restaurant for olive oil tasting and a multi-course leisurely lunch with wine pairing.  We will head to San Quireco d'Orcia where you can walk around the quaint village and take in some breathtaking views. We will complete the day with a visit to nearby Pienza. The cute village is known for pecorino cheese. It is one of our favorite places to enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine at one of the enotecas at the edge of the city walls. You may want to pick up some cheese and meats to take back to your hotel to enjoy with the beautiful wines of Casanova di Neri. You will then have the evening to yourselves back at the estate. We  are happy to drive you into Montalcino and can provide some great dining recommendations. 

Day 6

Italy has a newer restaurant concept that appreciates all things local called "chilometro zero" (kilometer zero). Food is locally sourced and often they have their own gardens for growing vegetables, fruits and herbs used in their food prep. We will visit one of these restaurants for lunch.  After enjoying a delicious meal, we will head to a winery with a small production of Brunello di Montalcino. We will meet the owners for a cellar tour and a little history on the Brunello wines.  In the early evening, we will head to Montecchiello, a gorgeous little Tuscan village. A wine pairing dinner with an exceptional host will also include Vino di Nobile Montepulicano, providing an opportunity to try another of Val d'Orcia's Sangiovese based wines.

Day 7

Day 7 culminates with the Benvenuto Brunello festival, which will allow you to taste 2015 Brunello from over 120 producers. You will have the day to taste wines, walk around Montalcino and enjoy a meal at a local restaurant. During the evening, we will end the trip the same way it began, with a visit to  a local rustic restaurant. This is a charming spot where we can revisit our favorite moments of the trip and share the meals and wines that were most pleasing to our palates.

Day 8

Enjoy your last amazing breakfast at the Relais and take in the views. We can arrange transport to your airport or next destination.

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